Who am I?

I work in the Enterprise Architechture team at MasterCard in Dublin, Ireland. I am currently working on a number of projects mainly written in Java to automate configuration deployments to our IBM DataPower appliances and also exposing and gathering metrics for those same appliances.

I worked as a systems engineer for several platforms at Allied Irish Banks in Dublin for a number of years. The systems I worked on included IBM z/OS, IBM z/OS UNIX, IBM DataPower and HP NonStop supporting some of the business's most critical services running on applications such as IBM WebSphere Application Server and ACI's Base24. I enjoy working on other technology in my spare time, in particular Linux and OS X along with Java, iOS and Python programming. I have written a couple of iOS apps in my free time and I have an unfinished chess game I'd like to release some day.

Unfortunately I don't get time to update the blog very often or even spend a lot of time on the articles. I hope to change that but right now I'm doing a Masters in Computer Science part-time on top of a full time job so I don't have much free time. It has really just been an exercise for me to put what I know about Linux, Django, Python and Twitter Bootstrap into practice, running my own server and working on both client-side and server-side technologies. I'll add articles from time to time that I may find useful to refer back to, or on topics I find interesting and if they might be useful to others then why not have it available on the Internet? I often find writing up an article/document on how something works helps me to find the holes in my knowledge on a topic. These articles will mostly cover Linux, OS X and iOS but I may also decide to post some HP NonStop or z/OS items too, time will tell.

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