Managing IBM DataPower Appliances with Java   May 12, 2015

I work with IBM DataPower appliances on a daily basis and managing them is mostly done through a web GUI. This isn't ideal as it means that ensuring consistency for changes is difficult due to the likelihood of human error. I've open-sourced a Maven project I created to generate Java classes on GitHub, it might be useful to someone looking to script changes to multiple DataPower appliances.

Here's a copy of the pom.xml file from the GitHub repo. All the interesting stuff is in the pom.xml, the other files are mainly default Maven directories, gitignore files and a Java class to print the version of the project. This Maven project will build the necessary Java classes from the appliance's XML Management WSDL/XSD files. You still need to build a web service client application to perform meaningful tasks but this project allows you to generate the basic building blocks. The WSDL/XSD files are not provided since they have licensing that prohibits that (why IBM, why?) so you'll need to load copies from your own appliances into the project for it to work. It's all explained in detail on the How-To page of the repository.

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